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Complete product design, tooling design and fabrication, materials processing and selection, product manufacture, assembly, testing
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Product Division
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies — All Coaxial configurations available using flexible, low loss, semi-rigid, and conformable cables. Factory terminated and tested RF Cable Assembly
Plenum Rated Cable Assemblies—Low loss RF coaxial cable assemblies manufactured with fire-retardant cable specifically designed for use in return air handling plenums. Available in various sizes and power handling capabilities, terminated with N type, 7-16 DIN or other connectors custom manufactured to your length requirements. RF Cable Assembly
Low PIM Coaxial Cable Assemblies —For applications that demand low VSWR, low insertion and low PIM cable assemblies; RFI now offers semi-rigid and corrugated cable assemblies with factory soldered N and DIN connectors. Assembled using the latest soldering equipment for years of performance reliability. Each assembly is tested for insertion loss, VSWR and PIM rating and is shipped with individual test data. Available using flexible or super flexible corrugated cables with a standard or fire retardant jacket.

PIM Tracker™—Intermodulation testing capabilities include GSM/LTE 710 MHz and PCS 1900 MHz for Low PIM products such as cable assemblies and adapters distributed from the San Diego based facility. Low PIM cable assemblies are 100% tested with results available on line by simply entering the serial number into our PIM Tracker™. PIM Tracker™ Test Result Search
RF Cable Assembly
Plenum Rated Low PIM Coaxial Cable Assemblies—For in-building wireless applications, cable assemblies that provide low loss, low PIM (≤ - 160dBc) and are plenum rated (UL910) satisfying building code requirements. Available with flexible corrugated, flat braid, or smooth wall aluminum cable and terminated with a variety of connectors. RF Cable Assembly
High Performance Low Loss Coaxial Cables—Flexible braided cable alternative to RG type or corrugated cables. Available in .100, .240 and .400 inch diameters, bulk or terminated. RF Cable Assembly
Precision Test Cables—Standard test-grade products are configured to perform with exceptional electrical results to 18GHz. They are high frequency, high power, low loss and phase stable. Featuring triple shield coaxial cables and operate in temperature extremes between -55 to +200C. Armored versions are available. We offer phase matching as a value added service. RF Connectors
RET Cables—Remote Electrical Tilt Application. Compatible with Andrew, Kathrein, Huawei, RFS and other brands, AISG Male to Female Cables Unlimited
DC Power Cables—Outdoor DC Power Cables: 2 Conductor Shielded Cables Unlimited
RF Cable Assembly
Custom Assembly—Complete product design, tooling design and fabrication, materials processing and selection, product manufacture, assembly, testing and packaging are available RF Cable Assembly
Cables Unlimited
Value Added Services—Specialized testing and validation, private labeling, scheduled orders, ultrasonic welding, kitting material traceability, custom configurations, development assistance and more RF Cable Assembly
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