GLA Agricultural Electronics Animal Health Thermometer


When GLA Agricultural Electronics set out to redesign their industry leading animal thermometer they knew a high quality probe lead would be needed and they turned to RF Industries for some help.

GLA Agricultural Electronics partners with RF Industries to build a rugged and reliable connector for their industry leading Animal Thermometers.

Case Study: GLA Agriculture Electronics

GLA -Agriculture
GLA has been supplying accurate and durable animal thermometers to the agriculture industry since 1969.  They are hand assembled in the United States using components from American vendors.  GLA thermometers are used in 27 countries worldwide.

GLA prides themselves in service and customer support after the sale of one of their thermometers.  So much so in fact, that GLA will attempt to repair any thermometer that is sent to regardless of age.  This policy saves their customers money and helps reduce waste.

With longevity of service being a crucial part of their business, GLA wanted to ensure that the components they use to build their thermometers maintain the highest quality and durability standards.  They needed a connector for their probe cable assembly that would not only stand up to the harsh agricultural environment but would also provide their customers with accurate readings and results.

For this connector, GLA chose RF Industries to manufacturer a special right angle TNC connector with both Nickel and Gold plating.

Designed for durability and accurate transmission of data, the connector allows for easy removal of the probe assembly from the thermometer body.

This solution from RF Industries helped GLA enhance the quality and longevity of their thermometers while providing their customers with a reliable tool to maintain the health of their animals.

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