Introducing TruField® Technology

Designed especially for 5G networks, our engineers have developed TruField®, a first of its kind, patent protected technology for RF Industries’ concealment solutions.

TruField has been tested by independent labs and wireless carriers to have far superior RF transparency qualities as compared to traditional concealment shrouds in the market today that degrade network performance and limit coverage.

TruField is band agnostic and achieves true RF transparency with less than 0.2 dB loss at any angle of incidence up to 60° from low band, mid band (C-Band) to mmWave frequencies. TruField utilizes a proprietary outer shell material developed by Saint-Gobain, our exclusive strategic partner. The result? Clean RF transmission with superior signal strength and overall RF coverage.

TruField’s unique, lightweight fabric is made of a self-cleaning, hydrophobic material that repels water, mold, and mildew which keeps the shroud virtually maintenance free. This means lower overall costs.

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TruField® Features

• Band agnostic
• True RF transparency with less than 0.2 dB loss at any angle of incidence up to 60° from low band, mid band (C-Band) to mmWave frequencies
• Multi-carrier, multi-tenant ready
• Lightweight and easy to install with a variety of mounting options
• Unzips easily for full 360-degree access for quick radio or antenna upgrades –
No tools required

• Climate resilient, durable construction, and extreme UV resistance
• Self-cleaning, hydrophobic material that naturally repels water – no cleaning or maintenance required
• Proprietary continuous air flow system
• Modular construction easily adapts to future configurations
• Colors – Grey, Black, Brown, Green, Beige (Other colors available upon request)

TruField® Physical Specifications

Part Number Dimension Range Weight Range (w/out radios) Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range
AF000380 Series 60” to 90”H x 18” to 24”D 45 to 75 lbs.
(Up to 400 lbs max with radios)
Min -30° C to Max 46° C* Min -40° C to Max 70° C

Integrated Solutions

Save time and cost on installation with our preconfigured radio equipment, connectivity, and line power kits.

For those instances where a custom solution is required, RF Industries engineers are able to quickly develop a customized solution to meet your unique specifications.

Our engineers have expertise in all four key engineering disciplines including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, and RF engineering allowing us to optimize the most robust solution into the smallest footprint.


Preconfigured Radio Equipment Kits Include

Radio Brackets All brackets to mount equipment into shroud for a given set
Power Distribution Unit PDU for this equipment set, incl. internal power wiring and switches
Internal RF Cabling All internal RF cables for selected equipment if applicable
Internal Fiber Cables All internal fiber cables for selected equipment if applicable
Cooling System Internal cooling system (fans, temp. sensors, control) for selected equipment if applicable

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