MCC Series™ Modular Carrier Combiner

The MCC Series Modular Carrier Combiner from Microlab, a division of RF Industries, is a passive point of interface that gives service providers a cost-effective, high performance and futureproof way to combine radio access network (RAN) remote heads or head-end services for RF distribution. It is ideal for neutral host, enterprise and single-carrier distributed RAN (D-RAN) architectures as well as in-building and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DASs).

Because the MCC Series Combiner is a modular and cohesive system, it increases flexibility while reducing complexity and costs. Compared to using multiple discrete combining components, the MCC Series Combiner:

  • Guarantees overall system performance so you don’t have to struggle with the variable performance of individual components
  • Simplifies and accelerates deployments and upgrades to reduce the costs of installation and of scaling to meet new demands

617-5925 MHz coverage protects your investment

The MCC Series’ modular design means you can start with the filter cards and combiners needed to meet immediate needs, then easily add modules to support different frequency bands and carriers as requirements evolve.

Choose from filter cards that integrate up to five bands, including:

  • 600-700 MHz
  • 800-850 MHz
  • 850 MHz
  • PCS
  • AWS
  • 5G New Radio (NR) n77, including licensed C-Band, 3.45 GHz and CBRS as well as future n77 applications

A modular pass-through card makes it easy to inject new licensed and unlicensed bands into the network.

Hybrid combiners that support the full frequency range connect up to four carriers in the operating band to multiple antenna feeds or distribution cables. Choose from ultra-wideband combiners that are tailored for:

  • 5G small cell and D-RAN applications
  • Licensed assisted access (LAA) and 5G NR-Unlicensed (NR-U) D-RAN applications

Configuration agility increases application support, simplifies installation

The MCC Series Combiner supports four- and eight-slot subracks in a variety of configurations. That means you can cost effectively support multi-carrier and multi-band neutral host MIMO and SISO applications today and easily change or scale the configuration to support different applications tomorrow. You only ever pay for what you need, when you need it.

Subracks are equipped with rear passthrough holes for seamless interconnection of filter card ports and support various mounting options and space requirements, including rack and wall mounting, and use of a discrete wall mounting bracket. They also include passive cooling to eliminate the need for external power or fans. To further increase simplicity, subracks with one or two integrated hybrid combiners are available.

Guaranteed specifications ensure reliable performance

With the MCC Series Combiner, there’s no tradeoff between flexibility and performance. All filters and combiners provide guaranteed:

  • Low PIM for maximum network throughput
  • Low insertion loss for maximum transmit effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP)
  • High isolation between ports for minimal interference between signals

In addition, all MCC Series components are IP67-rated to ensure optimal performance, reliability and durability in indoor and outdoor environments.

To learn more about the MCC Series Modular Carrier Combiner, visit the Microlab website.