True RF transparency enables exceptional small cell performance with no visual clutter.

As a thriving vacation area with a large year-round population, the Jersey Shore is a natural location for 5G network expansion. But the area’s densely populated communities and famous boardwalk mean small cells must be strategically placed to increase wireless capacity and coverage in an effective, yet cost-efficient way.

When Munisite Networks was engaged by a Tier 1 wireless carrier looking to leverage its millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum in the area, choosing the optimal deployment locations for small cell equipment was just the first challenge.

The communications and smart city specialists also needed to:

  • Conceal the small cell equipment to meet aesthetics requirements while maintaining full RF performance
  • Find a concealment solution that could easily support additional tenants using different equipment and network technologies without degrading performance
  • Fully protect the small cell equipment from the harsh seaside conditions where salt spray and high winds can quickly damage sensitive RF equipment
  • Ensure it would be easy to upgrade the system and provide periodic radio equipment maintenance