-48 VDC Wall Mounted Air Conditioner for Telecom WIC and Shelters, 1.5 tons cooling capacity

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  • Small form factor, lightweight and designed for easy installation and maintenance
  • Rugged construction, all-weather resistant and suitable for harsh marine environments
  • Leverages success of commercial transportation HVAC designs
  • 100% DC powered – eliminates the need for inverters
  • High efficiency DC soft-start compressor limits in-rush current
  • Copper tube with aluminum fins evaporator and condenser coils
  • Factory pre-charged with commercial R134a low-pressure refrigerant, eliminating leaks, reducing maintenance
  • Complies with EPA allowed refrigerant types and usage guidelines
  • Integrated heating -48VDC powered (700W)
  • Fully compatible with Schrofftech’s NextGen Smart Controller and Simple Form A Thermostatic Control Connections
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