• Coaxial Cable
  • 50 Ohm
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Direct Replacement for LMR-195, RG-58, and RG-142
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Flexible low loss coax cable ideal for use in wireless communication system jumper assemblies, short antenna feeder runs and any application requiring flexible low loss RF cable.  This cable is rated for outdoor use. Bulk Cable

Drop-in replacement for RG-58, RG-142 and LMR-195

LMR-195 Cable

Additional information


Velocity of Propogation


Inner Conductor

Material: Solid BC
Conductor Diameter: 0.037"


Material: Foam PE
Diameter: 0.1100"
Color: Neutral

Foil Shield

Material: Aluminum Tape
Thickness AL/PET-Foil: 10/15μm


Material: PE
Outer Diameter: 0.195"
Color: Black

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