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The RF Industries Unidapt™ kit for DAS (RFA-4024-DAS) contains 2 each male and female 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN, QMA, 7-16 DIN, N, SMA and reverse polarity SMA and TNC interfaces along with 6 universal adapters. The Unidapt™ components are housed in a convenient soft sided zippered case. The kit allows you to assemble up to 6 adapters using any combination of the included interfaces.

The 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN and QMA interfaces exhibit low PIM performance of -155dBc @ 700Mhz & 1900Mhz IM3 only when used together.

The new interfaces are manufactured with durable, non-tarnish tri-metal (white bronze) plated machined brass bodies, silver plated contacts with PTFE dielectric.

In addition, the interfaces can be used with other members of the Unidapt™ family, including R/A adapter, T adapter, Unicables™, wattmeter flange adapters, RF Sampler/injector, binding post and banana plug. Various Unidapt™ kits are available and compatible with the new interfaces.

RFA-4024-DAS: DAS Unidapt™ Kit
2 pieces, PT-4000-141LP: Unidapt™ to QMA Male
2 pieces, PT-4000-142LP: Unidapt™ to QMA Female
2 pieces, PT-4000-143LP: Unidapt™ to 4.1-9.5 Male
2 pieces, PT-4000-144LP: Unidpat™ to 4.1-9.5 Female
2 pieces, PT-4000-145LP: Unidapt™ to 4.3-10 Male
2 pieces, PT-4000-146LP: Unidapt™ to 4.3-10 Female
2 pieces, PT-4000-119 Unidapt™ to 7-16 DIN Male
2 pieces, PT-4000-120 Unidapt™ to 7-16 DIN Female
2 pieces, PT-4000-003 Unidapt™ to N Male
2 pieces, PT-4000-009 Unidapt™ to N Female
1 pieces, PT-4000-135 Unidapt™ to TNC Male Reverse Polarity
1 pieces, PT-4000-136 Unidapt™ to TNC Female Reverse Polarity
2 pieces, PT-4000-006 Unidapt™ to SMA Male
2 pieces, PT-4000-012 Unidapt™ to SMA Female
1 pieces, PT-4000-133 Unidapt™ to SMA Male Reverse Polarity
1 pieces, PT-4000-134 Unidapt™ to SMA Female Reverse Polarity
6 pieces, PT-4000-013-WB Unidapt™ Universal Center Adapter

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