Driven by an insatiable demand for wireless connectivity for a mobile society, wireless network infrastructure is poised for growth. To prepare for a future IoT (Internet of Things) and millions of connected devices, carriers are expanding 4G infrastructure through network densification and preparation for 5G rollout. Small Cell installations are leading the way along with DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and Macro Cell. Property owners are installing DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) in large facilities to support commercial and public safety connectivity. Wireless infrastructure growth is anticipated to accelerate in the coming years. Infrastructure for wireless requires wires to function. Coax cables are used to connect the various RF components. Coax cables are available in various forms, sizes and performance values. Various coax connectors are attached to the cables depending on the equipment and performance requirements.

To support current needs and future growth, RF Industries has expanded production capacity for RF coax cable assembly manufacturing. Both low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) and conventional coax assembly areas have expanded.

Low PIM coax cable assemblies require special manufacturing equipment and processes as well as test equipment and methodologies for proper performance. Low PIM cable assemblies are critical to the performance of 4G and 5G wireless networks in reducing interference and minimizing system degradation. Low PIM coax cable assemblies are manufactured using a variety of cable brands terminated with RF Industries or other brands of connectors. PIM testing capabilities include multiple stations measuring high or low frequency bands. Dual band PIM testing ensures the assembly will meet or exceed the performance levels required by neutral host providers. All PIM test data and documentation are available online through a single serial ID.

Conventional coax cable assemblies utilize a variety of cable and connector types depending on the application. RF Industries manufactures coax cable assemblies using a variety of cable brands terminated with RF Industries or other brands of connectors.

In addition to assemblies using braided cables, RF Industries has the capabilities to manufacture corrugated cable assemblies. The use of state-of-the-art, high-capacity coiling/recoiling equipment allows RF Industries to handle larger diameter cable sizes and addresses customer required lengths up to hundreds of feet.

RF Industries manufactures coax cable assemblies in the United States for fast response to customer requirements.