When a major U.S. Wireless service provider needed to upgrade their network they looked to RF Industries to design and engineer a solution that would not only reduce wind loads and the cable footprint on the tower but would also reduce the installation time for their field technicians.

A Major U.S. Wireless Carrier was looking for a cable solution to reduce installation time and take up less space on the tower.

The Challenge:

Design a lightweight and easy to install cable that would reduce space and wind loading on the tower and provide power and fiber connections to the RRUs and Antennas at the top.

The Solution:

RF Industries proposed a solution that would combine the fiber and power cables into a single bundled cable thus eliminating multiple runs up the tower which would reduce space and drastically cut the time required for installation.

RF Industries OptiFlex™ Hybrid cable was selected to handle the job. The OptiFlex™ Hybrid cables were engineered in a variety of configurations of copper conductors and fiber strands to match the varied location requirements of the service provider. Also designed into the solution were pre-terminated fiber ends with special markings and color-coded copper tails cut to specific lengths. These added details reduced installation times while ensuring an accurate connection from BBU equipment at the bottom to the RRUs at the top.

The OptiFlex™ Hybrid Cable was a perfect match for the needs of the provider and delivered the desired results. It allows for a fully customizable configuration giving service providers flexibility and many choices for connectivity both at the top of the tower and at the bottom.

OptiFlex™ is a trademark of RF Industries