4.3/10 MALE TO 4.3/10 MALE; SPP-250LLPL; PIM TESTED; 39″

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Plenum rated, low PIM coaxial cable assemblies using ultra flexible Times Microwave SPP™-250-LLPL cable

• IM3 4.3-10 (only):≤-160dBc@ 700MHz & 1900Mhz
• IM3 (all others): ≤-155dBc@ 700MHz & 1900Mhz
• 3rd Intermodulation Test: Two +43dBm carriers
• Cable assemblies are 100% PIM tested
• Low Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIM)
• Operating frequency: up to 6 GHz
• .250 inch corrugated copper outer conductor
• Provides greater than 100dB RF Shielding
• UL910 plenum rated, satisfying building code requirements
• Highly flexible for ease of installation

Cables are 100% tested for static and dynamic PIM with the results available online via PIM Tracker™.

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